Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rose Cottage by KH: Vendor Shout-Out

One of our secret vendors isn't really a surprise at all. This lady has been turning out quality work for the shop on a regular basis actually, but you'll have to stop by on Saturday to check out her other endeavor: Focus on Change.

Her butterflies are from all over the world, however she's recently focused her humanitarian efforts on Africa. Half of the proceeds of all African species benefit her project with Fount of Mercy, called Focus on Change. FOC teaches art to deaf and hearing orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda, giving them an opportunity to tell their story while providing education and vocational opportunities. For more information, please check out

The talented lady is just one of the many people who exude talent and creativity that I've been lucky enough to meet in Jersey City. Although you'll probably never recognize her on the street -- she walks with her head down looking for bugs! I'm thrilled to have her as an exclusive vendor in the shop and to display her array of interesting wares this weekend at the Rose Cottage by Kanibal Home event.

(Side note: farming of insects is a renewable resource that allows native peoples to earn income without having to use slash & burn methods of agriculture that destroy their environments, and instead helps preserve the natural habitats that these insects are found in.)

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