Sunday, July 20, 2008

Out of Office Reply

We took a much needed brainstorming session by the beach for a few days and returned refreshed, relaxed and refocused. Kanibal Home is getting some new product updates along with a whole new look and we wanted to be ready for the launch.

The mini break also helped us prioritize. Yea we've all heard it before -- you can't work, work, work without making time for play -- but sometimes it's tough to break away.

Just look at the shell necklace we made for a friend while resting up. That wouldn't have happened if we didn't clear out some of the webs clogging up our head.

But we couldn't wait to come home and finish some upholstering for Kanibal Home ... check the store to see what we've done with an old 1960's cathedral-style chair. We also squeezed in some scrapbooking, cleaning, bill sorting ... okay, it's hard work for us to rest sometimes. At least our garden didn't fry up in the sun while unattended.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Home Grown

While we might not always like summer rain showers, it sure does help our garden. One of Kanibal Home's big dreams is to open a brick-and-mortar storefront that has a backyard. And a garden is a must. We've been fantasizing about the day when we could have a real plot -- not just a collection of plastic pots on a terrace -- for quite some time. Basil and Italian parsley are easy patio plants along with tomatoes (although we eat more than we could ever grow), but this year we also planted zucchini. And with all the rain New Jersey has been getting lately it looks like our experiment is actually flowering and might produce something edible.