Saturday, August 29, 2009

Love at First Zip

I hand pick everything that comes into the shop, so therefore it's pretty much without a doubt an item that I love. But sometimes there are products that I REALLY love. Like I love it so much I need one for myself. That was the case with this jacket:

(Black hooded jacket - $62)

The photo doesn't do it justice. There's a big hood that actually comes over your head (what's the deal lately with hoods being minuscule?) and great detailing around the wrists. I loved it so much ... I bought it for myself.

(Grey button front skirt - $42)

In addition to the jacket, we've also gotten a range of items from dresses to skirts and new recycled notebooks in the shop.

Friday, August 28, 2009

KH in the News

Did you catch Kanibal Home in The Jersey Journal on Monday? Great article although the picture makes me look a little like a pirate with a patch eye. I'm OK with that though because the store looks amazing in the background. Woohoo.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This little piggy went to market ...

The small piggy bank is back in the shop!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Days

Last week I mentioned that before The Jersey Journal interview I went a little nuts and ripped down the front window. Well here are some updated shots. Enjoy!

(Naughty school teacher dress)

(A sweet score: vintage travel typewriter on a vintage hot pink school desk)

All the newspaper chain links in the first image were made by my very pregnant friend Amy. They were totally worth the time because they add so much to the window. Pop by and check it out in person!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Time to Get CRAFTY!

It's not often there's down time in the shop, but when there is I like to put aside some time for crafting. Last week I lost my mind and went craft crazy.

Below is a picture frame I made from vintage Better Homes & Garden magazines.

Above is a clementine crate I turned into a jewelry display. I was ready for a change. I also ripped apart a frame and turned it into a push pin board (aka necklace display).

Gotta love those lazy summer craft days.

Friday, August 21, 2009

And they just keep coming ...

New styles are popping up every few days now!

(The perfect little black dress for now ... or with a cardigan for fall)

(Guinea feather place mat ... under $20!)

(A super find I'm really excited about. In pink and this foam green: vintage ice cream parlor chairs)

(By request, Kanibal Home now has two venetian mirrors in stock for sale. This one can be hung like this or the other way)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Little Something Something

Just saying. If you didn't know, we have a rack in the shop that's 20% off. Some serious good finds. The rack will be out throughout the weekend, but will be gone by next Monday (to make room for more inventory).

Some Jersey Love

Yesterday was a royal mess in the shop. A ton of new inventory got delivered, my finds from an auction got dropped off and I decided (randomly) that I wanted to redo the front window. Right then and there. I was fighting the approaching season switch but now I'm completely embracing it.

So, in the middle of this whirlwind, I got a call from The Jersey Journal. Could they come by today or tomorrow with a photographer to conduct an interview? Umm, tomorrow please? No problem!

After many sweaty hours of arranging and rearranging the store, things were finally in order and this morning a lovely reporter and photographer stopped by for about an hour to speak with me about Kanibal Home. Coming from a public relations background, I've dealt with a lot of reporters and photographers. Most are terrific ... some, not so much. The Jersey Journal staff was A+. Perfect combination of professional and sweet as pie. I used to get eye rolls at my old job because a boss would ask how an interview went with a client and I would respond, "The reporter was soooo nice!" An article can't really be judged on the writer's niceness, but it mattered to me and still does.

So a big thanks to The Jersey Journal for showing Kanibal Home a little love ... and I can't wait to see how the final product turns out! Not a bad way to start a Thursday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Initially Yours Mugs

This month's House Beautiful magazine featured the Initially Yours mugs I carry in the shop. Perfect for a couple moving in together, birthdays and the holidays. Just ask and I'll order any combination of initials (if we're sold out).

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's All in the Bag

Right about now I'm probably trudging through another aisle at the Gift Show in NYC, contemplating products, critiquing vendors and already getting antsy to keep moving and finish up at the trade show. We'll be closed today as I check out some new products and then pick out some fabric for a couple projects I have in the works, but -- in the meantime -- here's another look at the new stuff in the shop.

(Back by popular demand, crochet hair pins by Sofia Tome)

(New vintage magazines and a bright blue bag with gold detailing)

(Clutches propped up in a vintage filing cabinet)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Creative Grove

A couple shots from yesterday's Creative Grove market:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kanibal Home at Creative Grove Today!

Kanibal Home is going to be in Booth 8 at the Creative Grove Artist Market today from 2:00 to 8:00pm. The shop will also be open so stop by either location and say hi!

The Creative Grove Artist Market is located right outside the Grove Street Path train and features some fantastic local artists. Kanibal Home will be there with some new items and a selection of tees for women, men and kids.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Case for Shopping Locally

I'm a big fan of the local magazine NEW. The recent article titled "The Case for Shopping Locally" is pretty much spot on. I think with the recent demise of OX a lot of us have been asking one question: how could I have saved this place? I loved everything about OX, but the answer is simple: make a point of visiting a favorite spot on a regular basis or, at the very least, spread some positive reviews. Share information. I couldn't tell you how many customers come to my shop and ask about good local restaurants, places to shop, hair salons, etc. I'm not shy about sending them to my favorite spots (Ox was one of them).

So, in honor of the NEW article, a couple local places that really rock my world:

ABTees - For quality screen printed shirts (this Heights based shops does all KH's tees and pillows)

Another Man's Treasure - Laura from Swallow and the Swift works there (she makes some of the gorgeous, delicate jewelry at KH) and the owners - Meika and Warren - are sweet, supportive and really know how to put together a rad vintage shop

Feed Your Soul Cookies - Not much needs to say about this shop, except maybe "Yum" (love, love, love the super soft oatmeal chocolate chip cookies). I first used them years ago to create some cute cookie gift boxes as a bridal shower giveaway.

Torico's Homemade Ice Cream Parlor - It's nice to go where everyone knows your name, but what about when they know your scoop? Well this summer I've been mixing it up. Sometimes it's the coffee cookie, sometimes it's the Diet soft serve peanut butter with chocolate jimmies. Take that.

Nha Trang Place - For consistently delicious and affordable Vietnamese cooking. Tip: try the ice coffee. Just not late at night.

Second Street Bakery - When the line out the door for Italian sandwiches and stuffed bread is mostly made up of firefighters and cops, you know you found the right spot. My order: one of each stuffed bread left (they go fast!) and a small prosciutto, mozzarella and roasted pepper sandwich.

Cafe La Rustique - I'm sorry, but they really have the best margarita pizza in the area. I don't care what anyone says. Just try it and don't even try to say you didn't eat 3 slices (minimum).

Wonder Bagels (on Jersey Ave) - Everything whole wheat bagel with low fat cream cheese, lox, onions, tomatoes and capers. Do it. This is coming from a girl who spent her high school years sweating in a Kosher bagel place stirring bagels in a kettle.

Madame Claude Cafe - Off the beaten path, it almost makes you feel like you stepped into a time warp and wound up on a bath street in Paris. Try the mussels with saffron sauce. And, if it's a nice day, sit outside under the white lights.

Antheia Floral Design
- Great, little shop across the street from Kanibal Home. Their designs blow my mind. I'm currently digging the little succulent plants they have stocked.

This is by no means the extent of my "favorites" list, just a sampling. Have a craving or a certain need for a specific item? Stop by the shop or send me a line -- I'll probably have a local recommendation for you.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cooling Trends

Well I might have just gotten back from a little summer hiatus, but that doesn't mean Fall isn't around the corner. I know, I know. It was 90 degrees on Monday, but this is retail after all. Not much makes sense in this industry.

Here's a taste of what's new in the shop:

(Vintage pendant necklace)

(Carved Agate and Pineapple Quartz Necklace -- One-of-a-kind piece from artists Laura Rosenbaum)

(Vintage Sailboat Pendant Necklace)

(I wore this eco-friendly shirt during the BBC interview!)

(Long sleeve eco-friendly shirt -- great structure with unique detailing)

(Vintage blue tea cups)

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Styles!

More styles in the shop this week including a bunch of dresses that are great cool weather transition pieces.

A sneak peak of a few:

(This dress is in black, but the picture doesn't do the cute ruffle details justice)

Will Craft 4 Food - Overview

So last night was the Artists' Market at Mompou in Newark. The rain (thankfully) held out and the market was a total success. Not only was it too cute for words (in the garden area of the restaurant), but there was a great crowd and the other vendors were a true pleasure to be around.

Look at this cute sign they made for Kanibal Home's table:

Here's a shot of the table. The headband stand kept falling over. Just like in the store!

Valerie, wearing a Kanibal Home tank, mugging for the camera. I like to think she came to be supportive, but know she really just wanted a glass of wine and a cupcake.

All of the Kanibal Home tees spread out:

Oh look who it is: Sofia Tome and her lovely mom. You know Sofia, she creates those great knit flower headbands and pins that we sell in the shop. Sofia also helped plan this event.

My hair was super frizzy from the weather so I bought one of the white flower pins. Oh and a cookie. The cookie didn't help the frizzy hair, but it tasted damn good.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tonight's the Night

This afternoon -- starting at 5:00pm -- Kanibal Home will be exhibiting at the Artists' Market at Mompou Tapas Bar in Newark. 77 Ferry Street. Stop by, shop and enjoy a nice glass of wine and some delicious food!

Friday, August 7, 2009

KH is back tomorrow!

Good news: Kanibal Home reopens from its one week summer hiatus tomorrow! Did you miss me?!

I spent a lot of time shopping for new goods, brainstorming amazing events and planning out the next couple months. And now that I'm back I'll start transitioning seasons and putting out tons and tons of new stuff including some amazing, well-priced bags, new dresses, tops and (in a few weeks) a seriously, jaw dropping selection of fall and winter coats. Get ready, kids. It's going to get interesting really fast over here on Montgomery Street.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Will Craft 4 Food

Kanibal Home will be participating in the Artists' Market at Mompou Tapas Bar in Newark on Sunday, August 9, at 5:00pm. We're closing down the shop a little early and hopping over to Newark for some amazing wine, delicious food and shopping. Oh yea, and Kanibal Home will have a table there too with our tees and some other trinkets. Stop by and say hi!

(PS: Mompou is a two minute walk from the Path train, located right on Ferry St)