Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some Jersey Love

Yesterday was a royal mess in the shop. A ton of new inventory got delivered, my finds from an auction got dropped off and I decided (randomly) that I wanted to redo the front window. Right then and there. I was fighting the approaching season switch but now I'm completely embracing it.

So, in the middle of this whirlwind, I got a call from The Jersey Journal. Could they come by today or tomorrow with a photographer to conduct an interview? Umm, tomorrow please? No problem!

After many sweaty hours of arranging and rearranging the store, things were finally in order and this morning a lovely reporter and photographer stopped by for about an hour to speak with me about Kanibal Home. Coming from a public relations background, I've dealt with a lot of reporters and photographers. Most are terrific ... some, not so much. The Jersey Journal staff was A+. Perfect combination of professional and sweet as pie. I used to get eye rolls at my old job because a boss would ask how an interview went with a client and I would respond, "The reporter was soooo nice!" An article can't really be judged on the writer's niceness, but it mattered to me and still does.

So a big thanks to The Jersey Journal for showing Kanibal Home a little love ... and I can't wait to see how the final product turns out! Not a bad way to start a Thursday.

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