Monday, August 10, 2009

Will Craft 4 Food - Overview

So last night was the Artists' Market at Mompou in Newark. The rain (thankfully) held out and the market was a total success. Not only was it too cute for words (in the garden area of the restaurant), but there was a great crowd and the other vendors were a true pleasure to be around.

Look at this cute sign they made for Kanibal Home's table:

Here's a shot of the table. The headband stand kept falling over. Just like in the store!

Valerie, wearing a Kanibal Home tank, mugging for the camera. I like to think she came to be supportive, but know she really just wanted a glass of wine and a cupcake.

All of the Kanibal Home tees spread out:

Oh look who it is: Sofia Tome and her lovely mom. You know Sofia, she creates those great knit flower headbands and pins that we sell in the shop. Sofia also helped plan this event.

My hair was super frizzy from the weather so I bought one of the white flower pins. Oh and a cookie. The cookie didn't help the frizzy hair, but it tasted damn good.

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Anonymous said...

awe. awesome!! thanks for coming out kristen, it was lovely to have you there. and i'm glad you enjoyed the cookie :) i'll have to bring some by soon.