Friday, April 29, 2011

New Styles in the Shop

Tons of new products just landed in the shop as well as online!

(Stylish storage)

(Jackalope tee -- Exclusive to Kanibal Home)

(Skelly Bones tee - Exclusive to Kanibal Home)

(Beaver Queen Necklace - Exclusive to Kanibal Home)

(Love Coin Necklace - Exclusive to Kanibal Home)

(Killer Bee Vial Necklaces!)

(I can't help giggling and thinking of Harry Potter every time I see this decorative plate in the shop ...)

Spring Skin Shoot

How could I ever be bored when I am continually surrounded by a fiercely talented bunch  of friends? Case in point, Kanibal Home's resident photographer, comrade and DIY magician Melanie McLean has been up to no good. Combining the shop's curiosities with her own style of photography ... well, this is what happens:

(Vial necklace, available soon)
(Melanie is a master at wrangling pretty women into her apartment. This one is a young Danish model. Dress and scarf available at Kanibal Home.)

(Cork sandals available in a range of sizes.)

(Can you believe these beads are made from coffee beans? Hand dyed and brought back exclusively for the shop from Uganda.)

(Dress by Many Belles Down ... available at Kanibal Home.)

(Available in the shop shortly. The dress, that is. Not the model. We're not in the business of human trafficking, pervs.)

(Melanie and I both live in the same building. Told you she gets women in her apartment easily. Anyone want to guess what building is in the background?)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Styles in the Shop

I know it may be surprising, but part of my job over here at Kanibal Home is to hunt down new labels to bring into the shop. But I'm picky. And that's great because it means everything that comes into the shop -- whether it's a scarf, shoe or shirt -- is an items that I absolutely love.

And this new brand is no exception. I already stocked a few of these styles, so pop on by and check out Many Belles Down.