Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rose Cottage by KH: Muscian Shout-Out

It was my first year at the shop and one afternoon this tiny brunette popped in, full of energy and spunk. "I need outfits," she said. OK. Not a problem. "But," she added, in a husky voice with a half smile. "For a whole week. I'm traveling. Actually I'm a musician and I need something I can wear on stage. Something sexy, but badass."

And that was how I met Heather Greene. One of Jersey City's finest musicians and the global ambassador for Glenfiddich. She has been instrumental in securing the sponsorship for the Rose Cottage by Kanibal Home event as well as providing the music for the fashion part of the evening along with the very talented Adam Williams.

Together, Adam Williams and Heather Greene make up the mellow, cyber-sounding Argon 40. With a distinguishable pop sound that encompasses electronic keys, digital drums, and a plethora of synth instrumentation, the project started as a quirky experiment and developed into something significant.

A little about these two: 
Prior to Argon 40’s inception, Adam was one of the founding members of the platinum-selling rock band Powerman 5000, touring with the likes of Metallica and Kiss. The group’s commercial smash album “Tonight the Stars Revolt!” catapulted the band to mainstream success, due mainly to the huge popularity of their hit single “When Worlds Collide,” and the record went on to sell over one million copies. Following an extensive career on stage, Williams decided to focus his musical talent on writing and recording, scoring a publishing gig with Chrysalis Music. Recently, Adam has been incorporating post-production mixing and sound design to his repertoire, and he continues to write for television, film, and other publishing ventures.

Heather Greene, both accomplished musician and Scotch whiskey expert, already boasts two critically acclaimed albums – 2005’s “Five Dollar Dress,” recorded alongside guitar luminary Bill Frisell, and 2009’s “Sweet Otherwise,” a lauded success with audiences in Europe and the UK.  Dubbed “American Ambassador of the Year” by Whisky Magazine, Heather also splits her time with Glenfiddich, taking on the role of Scotch specialist with the Banffshire-based company.

With only a few days left until the event, I'm excited to have these two involved and can't wait for everyone to experience everything we have planned. To learn more about Argon 40, check out their Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Argon-40/185314311512588

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