Thursday, April 7, 2011

After the Party ... We Still Party

This probably doesn't need to even be stated, but after Saturday's event we are going to continue the party at my favorite neighborhood watering hole: That's right, Lucky 7 Tavern.

Everyone needs their bar ... well, this is mine. It's the place I feel most comfortable (whether I'm tucked in a booth, leaning against the wall or dancing like Elaine from Seinfeld). It's also the place I drag all of my friends when they're new in town, visiting or just stopping by.

So after all the plotting and planning that went into coordinating the Rose Cottage by Kanibal Home event, it makes sense that once the open bar is closed, the food from Satis devoured and the musicians play their last note that the next logical step would be to Pied Piper my way over to Lucky 7. Man, I love this town. And I'm super excited for Saturday ...

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