Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Art Class: Intro to Photography

Kanibal Home is pleased to offer a new class as part of its ongoing art series.

Jersey City's Zac Clark will be hosting an Introduction to DSLR Photography class at the shop on Thursday, 7/1, at 7:30pm.

The introductory photography workshop will discuss the basic functions of a digital SLR camera, including exposure settings (aperture, shutter speed, etc.), lens focus, composition technique, flash and light temperature.

The lesson cost is $25. Please note that you must bring your own camera to the class.

RSVP to kanibal (at) kanibalhome (dot) com to reserve a spot.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vintage FYI: Polaroid Film

For all you crazy camera kids always asking me about Polaroid film:

The Impossible Project has come out with a new monochrome film material for traditional Polaroid cameras. You can buy some here and then read all about what you're buying for your vintage treasures here. I'm loving the new iridescent, silvery shade that's a byproduct of the new black & white film.

So there, enjoy!

And, oh yea. If you're tired of oldy-but-goody cameras and want to venture into the modern world, then RSVP to Kanibal Home's "Introduction to DSLR Photography" class. This Thursday, 7/1, at 7:30pm. For $25, local, Jersey City-based photographer Zac Clark will teach you how to take your digital camera off of auto-shoot so you can finally take some sweet pics of you and your friends this summer. Rock on.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Silk Maxi Dresses

These gorgeous silk maxi dresses are now in stock at the shop. Luscious and super yummy for summer.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Over here at Kanibal Homer we're very dog friendly. I love animals. I love people that love animals. Enough said.

If you pop by the shop often, you've probably seen me handing out treats or playing with someone's pup, so I thought it only fitting that I do a post on the official dogs of Kanibal Home.

This little lady is Ginger. She's my friend Donna's golden retriever who spends a day or two during the week at the shop. Mostly because Donna didn't know what to do with her. Ginger's a rescue and she has a little bit of a split personality. She's a little shy, but a real sweetheart... when people are around. Left at home by herself ... she turns into a wild woman and tears apart feather pillows, devours DVD sets of Dexter and causes all kinds of disorder.

And this little monster is Ernie. He's one part sausage and one part old man. He makes a rare appearance at the shop, because although he's a total cuddle bunny ... he also likes to chase lights and lick customers' faces. I work long hours, though, and I sometimes can't stand leaving that little beard behind.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art Class: Butterfly Pinning on Thursday, 6/24

Just a reminder that Kanibal Home's next butterfly pinning class is next Thursday, 6/24, at 7:30PM.

The cost for the lesson and supplies is $25. You'll learn how to spread and pin butterflies and will be able to create your own keepsake box. Please RSVP to kanibal (at) kanibalhome (dot) com if you are interested in attending the class.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Can a dream be a disease?

(Image via Design to Inspire)

OK I'm going to admit a deep, dark secret. And maybe you'll think it's silly. And maybe you'll totally agree. But whatever, it's my secret dream so I really don't care.

Sometimes -- and it's always in the summer -- I get this insatiable longing to run. Escape. Travel. But not in a nomadic fashion. I want to run away from everything I've established and just settle down in the country or back woods somewhere and tend a garden and have a herd of random animals and write. Crazy, right? Especially because this is coming from the girl who loves her job and loves the city. I get nervous in suburbia. The houses are so far away. The people all have minivans and multiple children. And it's quiet. I know, that's a huge generalization. Don't kill me. My parents live in suburbia and although they are all of those things (minus the van), they are also so much more. So I know it's not true.

But that's my dream. To run away from my cute apartment and my amazing shop and all of my lovely friends and family and just be this odd hermit in the woods. And this feeling always comes when the weather is warm. Do you think it's sun poisoning? I don't know what to do to bandage up these feelings.

Oh, you say, it's just a dream. I know. I'm a gemini. I have that bipolar personality disorder that comes with that sign. But still. It's a constant nagging. A day dream that won't fade away.

Can a dream be a disease? Something that kills you slowly. A longing so intense it takes a little something away from you. Can I call out of work because of it? "Hello, I'm sorry. I can't come in to work today. I've caught a nasty dream."

I'm not sure. But tell me this: do you dream? Do you fantasize about something so attainable that it's silly, but -- at the same time -- irrational? Maybe it's just our nature as humans to want what we don't have. Or maybe it's just me.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back in Stock: Children's Items

Kids birthday parties? Kanibal Home's got you covered.

All of our childcare items are back in stock!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free Con Vivo Concert: Thursday at 8PM

Please join us this Thursday at 8PM as we celebrate a night of free music at Kanibal Home. ConVivo will be performing music by Bach, Handel and Hindemith with Amelia Hollander Ames on viola and Guy Figer on violin.

There will be limited seating, so please arrive early if you would like a seat. The show will start promptly at 8PM. Refreshments will be served following the performance.

Kanibal Home Summer Lookbook

Over at Kanibal Home, we love summer. The sunshine, the lazy days lounging in the park, the pretty dresses .... sigh. It's so nostalgic and lovely.

So one weekend a couple weeks ago the beautiful Kanibal Home models and the very talented photographer Melanie McLean popped out of the shop in some flirty dresses and had a little photo shoot around Jersey City. We played games in Van Vorst park, ran through a weeping willow and even played with some puppies.

And the best part is you can find all the dresses and furniture pictured below in the shop. But hurry. Just like summer, the days to wander in a light, pretty dress are soon to be numbered.

Thank you again to Valerie, Simona, Sara and Rebecca for lending Kanibal Home their time and beauty for an evening. A VERY big thank you to photographer Melanie McLean and Bianca Thomas. Melanie is a Jersey City-based photographer whose work can be found here. Bianca Thomas is also a wonderful photographer who assisted Melanie on this shoot. A sample of her work can be found here. Thank you, ladies. You rock Kanibal Home's world (and make us look good).

Back in Stock: Good Wood

Get some Good Wood. Our most popular pieces are back in stock!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Forgetaboutit Friday

I'm feeling my Italian roots pulling at me today. Seriously. What I would do for a game of bocce ball in my grandpa's backyard -- trying not to squish his basil plants -- while sipping a homemade lemonade....

OK, enough fantasy.

However, possibly equally as dreamy ... I went on a pretty massive shopping trip this week and dragged back all kinds of goodies. Tons of new vintage items, loads of furniture and some super cute summer dresses.

Whatever you do -- whether it's playing outside or just enjoying the sunshine -- have a lovely weekend. And here's some eye candy to start it off right:

(Vintage upholstered side chair)

(Vintage secretary desk)

(A true antique: custom upholstered side chair from the 1860's. PS: It's still stuffed with horse hair.)

(A treasure trove of goodies from the lovely duo over at Oh My Vintage.)

(Included in this image: Vintage cake plate, apron, sunglasses, purse, opera glasses and wine picnic basket.)

(Dresses, dresses and more dresses.)

(Matching vintage side chairs.)