Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vintage FYI: Polaroid Film

For all you crazy camera kids always asking me about Polaroid film:

The Impossible Project has come out with a new monochrome film material for traditional Polaroid cameras. You can buy some here and then read all about what you're buying for your vintage treasures here. I'm loving the new iridescent, silvery shade that's a byproduct of the new black & white film.

So there, enjoy!

And, oh yea. If you're tired of oldy-but-goody cameras and want to venture into the modern world, then RSVP to Kanibal Home's "Introduction to DSLR Photography" class. This Thursday, 7/1, at 7:30pm. For $25, local, Jersey City-based photographer Zac Clark will teach you how to take your digital camera off of auto-shoot so you can finally take some sweet pics of you and your friends this summer. Rock on.

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