Friday, June 11, 2010

Forgetaboutit Friday

I'm feeling my Italian roots pulling at me today. Seriously. What I would do for a game of bocce ball in my grandpa's backyard -- trying not to squish his basil plants -- while sipping a homemade lemonade....

OK, enough fantasy.

However, possibly equally as dreamy ... I went on a pretty massive shopping trip this week and dragged back all kinds of goodies. Tons of new vintage items, loads of furniture and some super cute summer dresses.

Whatever you do -- whether it's playing outside or just enjoying the sunshine -- have a lovely weekend. And here's some eye candy to start it off right:

(Vintage upholstered side chair)

(Vintage secretary desk)

(A true antique: custom upholstered side chair from the 1860's. PS: It's still stuffed with horse hair.)

(A treasure trove of goodies from the lovely duo over at Oh My Vintage.)

(Included in this image: Vintage cake plate, apron, sunglasses, purse, opera glasses and wine picnic basket.)

(Dresses, dresses and more dresses.)

(Matching vintage side chairs.)

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mumbot said...

drooling::: those are some beautiful chairs!!