Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Handmade for the Holidays

Owls, birds and zebras! Oh my!

You bet the tree isn't the only thing that's green this season at Kanibal Home.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ice cream for the brain

Sometimes there's just too much information out there and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Email bings, cell phone chirps, Black Berry beeps, internet pop up flashes ... newspapers, magazines, e-zines ... TV and radio static. Grrr.

Most days I just need to tune out the noise for a few minutes. How? By visiting my favorite blogs. Counterintuitive? Kinda. But even if I grabbed a cup of tea and sat on the porch, the chance that my brain would shut down is slim. It's like little kinetic marbles bouncing around in there at all times. 

So, I force the noise out with more noise. And I look forward to this daily reading period. Following are my go-to brain stopper blogs and web pages:

First stop: Design*sponge (www.designspongeonline.com)

(Image from Domino magazine's website, which is another great site)

Domino magazine just did a great feature on Grace and her design blog, but I've been following this talented lady way before Kanibal Home had any roots. With bright and cheery photography, my favorite features are the home sneak peeks and the product spotlights.

Next stop: Decor8 (www.decor8blog.com)

On this blog Holly gives a more personal look into her design world with insightful topics that encourage reader participation and focus on handmade products and artisans. I especially love when she discusses small businesses and her shop girl features are terrific. And, as a bonus, she is in the process of redecorating a home in Germany. Her product finds from abroad are striking (and she's detailed enough to give sources for everything).

More fashion than furniture, this blog is an easy read to clean the mental palette. Filled with inspiring images and thoughts, this blogger has some serious styling creds: word on the web is she worked for Martha once upon a time.

She recently posted about Susana Monaco and I fell in love with this shot:

And the smokey eye makeup in this image caught my attention at first, but I wouldn't mind wrapping myself in the sweater either.
So I'm interested: What gets you through the day? Is it looking at something visually pleasing, sipping that warm cup of mint tea, going for a reinvigorating jog or just slipping into a coma on the couch while watching reality TV (but flipping on National Geographic when anyone comes in the room)?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kanibal Home Updates

And there's even more to come at Kanibal Home ...