Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rose Cottage by KH: Vendor Shout-Out

Since opening the shop two years ago, I'm still startled and humbled by the amazing mix of talented folks I've met and befriended. Jade Kuei, the artist behind Mumbot, is probably the best example of one of these chance meetings.

Reserved and soft spoken, I first noticed Jade because of the tattoo on her tricep: a simple line drawing of a dinosaur. We started talking more and more every time she popped into the shop. But nothing too deep or personal. One day I finally asked her what she did, but before she could answer her son piped in: "Oo, Oo! My mom's an artist!" Jade blushed and quieted him down, but not before my interest was piqued. Really? What medium do you work in?

And now it feels like ages since that conversation. Not only have I commissioned Jade to work on personal projects (see below, my pup Ernie), but we've collaborated on products for the shop and I've happily referred her to several friends.

But Jade's really worked her magic on the Rose Cottage by Kanibal Home line. Not only did she help design the logo, but she was instrumental in all of the brand's development. Between Jade and her husband JP, I knew I was in some serious talented hands.

In addition to assisting as a creative influence throughout the process of developing Rose Cottage, Jade was also one of the biggest supporters of the collection. Never one to turn down an idea, she was always games to give something a try, come out for a craft night or plot and plan over the phone.

She's even one of the featured vendor's at this Saturday's pop-up shop -- Bringing new items from Mumbot, personal paintings and some super secret surprises.



the little said...

yes, jade is a very talented artist! she recently won a voter challenge sponsored by the EtsyVeg team and her etsy shop is full of beautiful and unique creations.

SSheilah said...

Go Jade!

eva@coco+me said...

So cute. Love her artwork.

SilentLotus Creations said...

I am a long-time fan of Jade's. her talent is unique and awesome! Thanks for supporting her! :)