Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Vendor: Ula Nice

One of the drawbacks to owning a shop is that I find it really hard to shop for myself. Either I feel guilty or -- after trolling for products and walking trade shows -- I'm just numb. So when I get so excited about something that I have to have it I know it's special.

In the case of Ula Nice's round skull pillows, I fell in love at the recent Not Yo Mama's craft fair. Rita from Rubella Jewelry and I were doing a quick walk around the show and we both became smitten. So smitten that we both walked away with a design. For one, Ula is a local Jersey City artist (which, by now, you know I love) and not only was this a skull print (which I also love), but each pillow is backed in a vintage fabric. Triple awesome. So not only did I have to have it for myself ... but I signed her up to be a new vendor in the shop too!

And the best part? These beauties are only $25! 

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