Sunday, March 14, 2010

Take A Look Around

I figured we'd start the week a little early with a sneak peak around the shop.

(To battle the rain that's been blasting New Jersey, come by and check the assortment of trench coats that just hit the floor. I'm loving the updated shapes that give a normally androgynous jacket some style.)

(Throne chair ... can't decide if I like it as it is or I want to revamp the upholstery. There's something about the wear and tear on it that I actually like.)

(A new cardinal that flew in the shop from the local artisans at Finch ... the paintings = Shauna.)

(Tons of vintage bits, baubles and pins from my shopping expedition last week. All for under $10.)

(Vintage earrings galore. All for under $20.)

(As you can see, vintage jewelry is pooling in this case.)

(Vintage trunk)

(Huge assortment of vintage brown, black and navy purses. All of them are priced at $20.)

(Vintage claw foot piano stool)

(Detail: I just love anything with a claw.)

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