Friday, March 5, 2010

KH Welcomes Rubella

One of the best things that has come out of Kanibal Home is the people we meet working here. I love our customers. They are some of the most creative people I've ever met. And that's definitely the case with Rita from Rubella.

Using tintype and other found objects, the girls behind Rubella (that would be Rita Salpietro and Samantha Stillwagon) create incredible one-of-a-kind pieces of art that's interesting to look at and fun to wear. Rita has been teasing me for months -- promising to bring in a couple pieces -- and I'm thrilled that we will now be carrying Rubella at the shop. Pop by and check out these awesome necklaces before I buy them all for myself.

(An optical, keys + tintype and a whole slew of other creative combinations = Rubella)

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