Monday, March 1, 2010

Ready, Set ... Shoot!

Besides a hot meal, there are few things that capture my attention and imagination as much as a perfect photograph. But sometimes the person behind the lens is as interesting as the subject being shot. That's definitely the case with photographer Melanie McLean. And I was lucky enough to team up with her for two recent Kanibal Home photo shoots (you can see some samples below, but even more can be found online at Kanibal Home).

A gypsy by nature with a spunky personality and a great eye for detail, Melanie has traveled the world as the other half of the duo that makes up the Wayward Winos and (lucky for me) is now stationed temporarily in Jersey City, NJ.

But from portraits to product shots, travel blogs and weddings, there's one thing that I admire most about Melanie's shots that come through no matter who or what the subject matter seems to be: Beauty. Beauty found in the shadow of a detail. Beauty captured in the every day.

Check out more of Melanie's photography here.

(Please note: This horribly lit shot was done by me of Melanie. Check out that fierce pose, though.)

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