Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Making: Alice in Wonderland Window

By now everyone know my affinity for Tim Burton, so it's probably not that big of a surprise that Kanibal Home's most recent window display was inspired by the new Alice in Wonderland film.

This window went up fairly quick compared to window displays in the past, but a lot more planning was involved. Here's a little behind the scenes look:

(Lots and lots of mental organization was involved with the making of this window. First I constructed the white rabbit mask out of cut cardboard, collaged (and then painted) newspaper and fabric.)

(An "ah-ha!" find = the vintage pocket watch necklace I won at an auction.)

(It took me almost a full day to make the over-sized pom poms for the window. After tearing out huge chunks of tissue paper from the first one, I learned to craft gently.)

(Kanibal Home's busty mannequins never fit in any of the dresses. Oh well, I was going to add layers anyway.)

(The "Follow Me" tees arrive from being reprinted! Just in time ...)

(Close up. Design created exclusively for Kanibal Home by the very talented Brian Morrison over at Eyescollide.)

(All ready to go in the window.)

(The Donnie Darko of the retail world.)

(My favorite part of creating the window displays is the layers of details. First the table and the "drink me" bottle then the tea cups and ...)

( ... then strings of butterflies hovering in the background. An extra touch of whimsy is added with the clustered pom poms.)

(And I couldn't forget the playing cards.)

(The mask is relegated to the ground.)

(Side view of the claw foot stool and tea pot.)

(A view from behind.)

(And the final detail: a set of skeleton keys from my own personal stash and some fallen butterflies.)


store windows on squidoo said...

Lovely window display. Thank you for sharing.

Sarah C said...

super cute! couldnt do it better myself!