Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New KOBO Candles Collection

Wax on, wax off ... whatever. A candle is a candle, right? No way. Not until you've burned a KOBO candle.

Created from the highest quality fragrance and essential oils, each KOBO candle is hand-poured with 100% domestically grown pure soy wax and lead free, enviro-safe cotton wicks. Well what does that mean exactly? It means you get a great smelling candle that burns clean and happens to be planet-friendly.

AND and and if you are already a fan of the Coterie Collection we carry at Kanibal Home then you are really going to flip your lid over the new Counter Collection that just arrived. I mean, come on, take a look at the below and try to tell me that Smoke/Leather/Oakmoss doesn't get you a little bit curious (psst: it smells AWESOME).

(Spring Water / Heliotrope / White Musk)

(Cultured Sake / Lotus / White Tea)

(Siberian Cypress / Moss / Cyclamen)

(Smoke / Leather / Oakmoss)

(Climbing Honeysuckle / Wisteria / Jasmine)

(Opal Basil / Mandarin / Mint Leaves)

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