Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rose Cottage by KH: Vendor Shout-Out

Already gaining a rabid fan base at the shop, Hunter NY doesn't need much of an introduction. Their attention to detail and delicate metal work has had me bugging these two for reorders ever since they first appeared at Kanibal Home. 

That said, I'm extraordinarily happy to announce that they will be one of the featured vendors at the Rose Cottage by Kanibal Home event on 4/9. Tucked away in our pop-up shop area, Hunter is where natural meets manmade. Where antique personality meets modern design. Hunter is honest & authentic. It is sweet simplicity.

More than the products, though, Hunter is Jennifer Monzon & David Ansvananda (also of Mathmatiks), two artists who appreciate fine goods and good finds. Two years ago, stylist-by-day Jennifer and David, set out to create a line of gifts unlike any other, and Hunter was born. I'm thrilled to have them in the shop, featured at the event and as my partners in crime for the new Kanibal Home jewelry line I've been developing (which will also be unveiled at the event).

Assorted Pins - Gold Plated, Rose Gold Plated, Silver ($10)

Lola Granny Glasses - Gold Plated ($275) + Sterling Silver ($420)

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mumbot said...

Their stuff makes me drool... so nice!! =)