Monday, March 28, 2011

Rose Cottage by KH: Photographer Shout-Out

So as we continue to prep for the big event on 4/9 I need to give a little love to a lady in my life (not like that, you pervs) who has been an integral force in making the Rose Cottage line a possibility.

I've blogged about her before -- and I'll do it again -- but I'm proud to be aligned with Melanie McLean. She is a phenomenal photographer who takes her work seriously ... and it shows. In every photo. In every project. In every brainstorming session. Quite simply, she makes us all look good.

Her vision helped us put together a killer video and look book for the line. You can view her work on the Rose Cottage website as well as her own Facebook page. And if you want even more info on this bombshell (who I think should be in front of a camera more often) then keep reading ...

Melanie McLean is most often found peeking out from behind a camera lens. Since embarking as a full-time photographer 3 years ago, her work has taken her around South America, through Europe and up and down the East Coast of the United States. She’s also a part-time blogger and made up one part of the duo behind Host Our Coast, an award-winning blog detailing the tourism industry in Maryland in 2009. She currently resides in Jersey City, NJ with a resilient basil plant. Additional information can be found at

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