Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Dirt Behind the Rose Cottage Event

So everyone keeps saying, "You're crazy! A free event? Open bar? Tasting tables from Satis? No cover for three killer bands? What?!"

So I feel like I need to clear the air. If you are a fan of Kanibal Home, then you know by now that we throw a lot of events -- everything from craft classes to chamber music to makeup demonstrations and everything in between. That's just how we do it over here. But this event on 4/9 is definitely our biggest yet. It's like a normal Kanibal Home event jacked up on steroids. It's so big we can't even have it in the shop so we're moving everything to Parlay Studios, including a pop-up shop featuring our favorite vendors.

"But WHY?" you ask. Well, we're excited to launch the first capsule collection from Rose Cottage, our in-house upcycled clothing line. But that's not just it. I'm not going to lie -- part of this production is completely and utterly selfish. I want a party. I want a big party. And I want to celebrate Jersey City and all my super awesome customers that keep Kanibal Home in business (tip: we're celebrating TWO years in May). But that's not the selfish part. Here's that aspect: I wanted a party where I could have all of my favorite things -- good, strong drinks that put hair on your chest and a smile on your face, vendors that have enriched the shop and make me proud to say, "Yea, this is from Jersey City", great food from a restaurant that I frequent way too often (but can't stop going back to) and -- finally --  music from three bands that I majorly crush on.

And I'm sharing all that with you. It's like I'm throwing an epic house party and inviting all my friends. Like if I was Oprah and writing my favorite things list (but way cooler). That's what this event is all about.

So that's the scoop. I'm just a selfish softy who loves where she lives, works, eats, shops, drinks ... you get the point. And if you like what this is all about, don't hesitate to spread the word and RSVP.

(An outfit and accessories from Rose Cottage by Kanibal Home)


Stephen Mejias said...

A free event? Open bar? Tasting tables from Satis? No cover for three killer bands? What?!

You're crazy!

I'll be there!

Kanibal Home said...

Glad to hear it! The ladies would be lonely without you :)