Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Craft Classes & Events hosted by KANIBAL HOME

Man o' man have I been hiding another BIG secret from you guys .... but I wanted it to be just right, so you'll forgive me. And -- being the sneak that I am -- I'm not about to reveal all my secrets right now. But I will give you a taste.

Basically I've got quite the action-packed event schedule lined up for you DIY obsessed, crafty, party-hopping, music hungry, Jersey City loving folks.

So mark your calendars:
Friday, February 18 (7 to 10pm): Small Animal Studies painting/mixed media class with Shauna Finn
Friday, March, 4 (7 to 9pm): Writing Workshop with Lizzie Skulnick
Sunday, March 20 (7:15pm): Hear in Now chamber music concert with Mazz Swift
Saturday, April 9 (start 7:00pm): Super secret Kanibal Home launch party
Friday, April 29 (7:30 to 9:30pm): Screen Printed Tote craft class with Jill Fratella

Details surrounding all of the above will arrive in your inboxes shortly (or will be slathered all over this blog closer to the time of the class). If you can't wait, you can always tweet me a message (@kanibalhome) or shoot over some snail mail (email: kanibal at kanibalhome.com).

(First up, Shauna Finn teaches you how to paint or draw small animals!)

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