Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Vendor: Patch NYC + Soap & Paper Factory

I've been investigating new candle lines for awhile now, but I wanted to find the right balance of soy base and fragrance that will appear to both a male and female sensibility --- So when I started looking at the new Patch NYC candles produced by the Soap & Paper Factory I knew I'd struck gold. The scent combinations are really something special:

SKULL - black tea, anise, basil, citrus
FEDORA - citrus, vetiver, nutmeg, patchouli
WHALE - l'orange, patchouli, basil, jasmine
OWL - sandalwood, tobacco, vetiver
PIPE - vanilla, bourbon, cognac, tobacco, patchouli
STAG - siberian fir, cilantro, citrus, raspberry

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