Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nerding Out with Nosferatu

I'm sooooo excited to nerd out this weekend that I had to share. I've had this listed in my calendar (in pen) for awhile now. Get ready for it ... ready? ....

 NOSFERATU is playing at The Landmark Loews Theater this Saturday at 8:20pm. With live organ accompaniment!

I know, aren't you psyched? (Dear stalkers, now you'll know where I'll be after work this Saturday ... you can fight for a spot next to me and make it look all casual like, "Whoa, you're here? I had NO idea!")

Don't give me a hard time. I know Nosferatu is the movie any art history/liberal arts/film student is required to watch in school, but I just love it. The super creepers vampire is the original teen-angst blood sucker with all his awkward, staggering movements, lust and nighttime rendezvous. And since I was an art history dork in college I've been trying to bait my friends into touring the Loews Theater with me and this is the perfect excuse. Not to mention my little frozen heart stops beating at the thought of live organ music.

That said, if you want to nerd out to Nosferatu with me this weekend in Jersey City check out the details and I'll see you Saturday night.

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