Friday, October 29, 2010

New Styles in the Shop

I'm sad to admit that someone came into the shop this week and asked me if I was excited for the holiday and I replied, "I know! December is right around the corner!" Customer = blank stare. Quick recovery by me, "Oh Halloween! Ha... (nervous laugh) ... yea that holiday."

Does that mean I'm officially a retail robot now? Probably. But every day is like Christmas for me anyway. I order everything for the shop, but I still get way too excited when deliveries come in. And it's true, the holidays are on my brain. With a small shop I need to be on my A-game around this time of year ... always prepping and planning. And I hope it's just as fun for my customers when they pop by because I work hard to pack this tiny space with lots to look at.

Speaking of new items to look at ... here are just a few that got stocked today:

(Calligraphy frames ... I'm a type junkie and these are just amazing)

(New vibrant 4x4 frames)

In addition to the above, I put out an assortment of gloves, scarves hats, water bottles, gift items, a new candle line, makeup pouches and bags. Phew! And that was just today ...

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