Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trick or Treat?

 It's time for that seasonal question: Trick or treat?

And really if it came down to it, I don't know which I would pick. Because in reality we don't really have a choice. We always get the treat. But what if it was a genuine toss up and you had to pick?

Think about it and get back to me. As for my pick, I'll let the below products in the shop speak on my behalf:
(Votives that are sure to delight during Halloween -- or throughout the year)

(What better way to serve food than off a sexy female figure?)

(Lithograph serving tray)

(Available in pink, lime green and black. This apron brings new meaning to the saying, "Eat a steak! You look so skinny!")

(Jute treat totes)

(Totes are sold blank so your little ghouls can color them in themselves)

(Pretty frames for spooky faces)

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