Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall into Autumn Fashions

The other night I was walking home from work and I could have sworn that I smelled that distinct wood-burning aroma of autumn. Maybe it was my brain playing tricks on me, but it feels like there is a definite change in the air. The humidity has calmed. Leaves are starting to slyly change and fall from the trees. Nights are getting colder. And my flip flops are being traded in for socks and ankle boots.

And although retail is a little wonky with how they display seasons, this time around it feels like everything is lining up kinda all right. We're breezing through tons of light outerwear and flowing tops that are perfect for a thin pair of pants or leggings. Here's a little sampling of what's currently floating around on the Kanibal Home mannequins:

(Yes, that's a rhino necklace!)

(Bags galore. Vintage, new, yellow, blue ... I've got them all in stock.)

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