Saturday, July 31, 2010

Art Show Opening Recap: Jade Kuei & Beyond the Brambles

On Friday, July 23rd, Kanibal Home was honored to host a reception for the art opening of Jade Kuei's "Beyond the Brambles". The art itself will be on display in the shop until August 23rd, but the event was really a special night. From a custom window design to tote bags and all kinds of goodies, there was a lot of effort, thought and creativity put into this party. For me it was amazing to lend Jade a hand and help out with some last-minute details. It was pretty inspiring to get a peak into the life and process of an artist I really admire. In addition to working with Jade, the very talented Melanie McLean also played a huge part in pulling this event together -- from photos to video, this local lady has a passion for her craft that seems bottomless. I kinda wonder is these ladies ever sleep.

(Jade working on installing the window. Everything ties back to her character William, a slightly misunderstood werewolf. Jade wanted to have the window be a peak into William's home ... to tie into one of her paintings and Kanibal Home's furnishings theme.)

(Jade created custom wallpaper as a backdrop.)

(Getting it just right ...)

(Putting up the sheer curtains to frame the window ...)

(I hung up mini decorative frames with scanned black and white images from Jade's show to simulate William's family portraits.)

(This really blew my mind. I really wanted wood floors down in the window. I played with the idea of using my new circular saw to actually cut some recycled boards, but together we decided on laying down cardboard. Then Jade free handed wood grain with a thick black marker. The result? AMAZING.)

(It's finally coming together. William's table is set up.)

(A prop in the window: William's toy. Something silly to show his wolf side.)

(It's really the details that make this window so special. Above = William's writing pad with real notes and tea stains. His bone behind the tea cup ... a little hint at his wild side.)

(The frustrated writer.)

(Because we weren't tackling enough projects, I also suggested creating custom tote backs to give away at the opening event. Above = the sketch from Jade. Below = the final product.)

(So once the window was up, we moved onto crafting a scene around where Jade's artwork would be hanging on the wall. I really wanted her work to be more interactive, but tie in with the look and feel of the shop.)

(Part of the final product: The art is hung. The window is finished. Totes are printed. And the scene is set.)

Here's a look at some of the art. I would highly recommend popping by the shop and checking it out in person, though. Jade is a master of details and these pictures don't do her work any justice.

(The man and the myth.)

(Look familiar?)

FYI: Although some of the works have already sold, there are some that are still available for purchase. In addition, Jade created a full case of custom jewelry to complement the show:

And now the fun part: The opening party!

(The artist.)

A special thanks to Jade Kuei for all her time, effort and talent. And to Melanie McLean for being an amazing friend, photographer and businesswoman.


Scrappy Rat said...

Very cool! I love the whole concept behind the window scene as well as the show. Thanks for sharing pics for those of us who can't be there in person.

Heather said...

Wonderful theme, and show! Wish I had been able to see in person too. I love William's home. You did such great work, it's stupendous!

thebluewindmill said...

Love the tote!

silentlotus creations said...

Wow, wonderful job on the setup, everyone! I love the room, the concept, and all of your amazing work, Jade. And I love that I can *see* you and your process. How cool! :)

silentlotus creations said...

Wow, wonderful job on the setup, everyone! I love the room, the concept, and all of your amazing work, Jade. And I love that I can *see* you and your process. How cool! :)

SSheilah said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing the creation of the window scene - love seeing the artist behind the work.

Gina said...

Fabulous work and such a creative, perfect window and shop setting!

palafoxstudio23 said...

awesome work, jade!! love, love, love it!!

Christina Entcheva said...

This is all so beautiful! I love the cardboard wood trick! I hope to see the shop in person soon :)