Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Shore Thing

At the Jersey Shore there's a different tempo to living. Time slows down, food tastes fresher and my patience threshold for family stretches just a little bit longer. The constant sunshine and bay breezes help too.

Two days in the sun was marvelous, but it's always nice to get back to the shop. Even though with this heat I wish I was submerged in the pool again ...

Just a few things that equal summer at the shore: flowers, shells and rusty games.

These guys are best buds. My dog, Ernie, and Zak the Golden Retriever.

The big man (my dad, not Jesus) doesn't mess around. He has a grill on each level of the house. Pictured is the poolside bar he built himself. There's a grill, sink and wine refrigerator back there.

And when you can't stand to sit in the sun anymore, you go for a ride on the boat.

Meet Paula Deen's soul sister. The man can cook and the butter flows like water when he's manning the meals. I was welcomed home to steak, steamers and lobster orzo salad, among other delights. Whether it travels by land, air or sea -- no animal is safe from my father. He also enjoys long rides on the boat and pretending he can't hear my mother because the "seagulls are making too much noise".

And let's be real now. What's the fun in having five children if you can't strap them to an inflatable tube and drag them at 30 mph behind your boat?

And the biggest shocker of the weekend? My car made the trip to the shore and back without breaking down. All in all, a very satisfying weekend.

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