Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look What We've Got In Store ...

Phew, there's a lot going on these days. All good, but still ... it's been busy. Furniture has flown in and out of the shop so quickly I haven't even been able to snap a few pictures. That's why I promised myself that I would get on top of the store photography this week.

So here's a little look at what we have going on in the shop right now:

(Tons of new dresses and rompers!)

(Vintage white tiered table)

(Metal numbers set)

(Vintage brandy bottle)

(In addition to this dress, there are 8 new dress styles in the shop ... as of Tuesday)

(Vintage glass set and matching ice bucket)

(Vintage green goblets)

(Vintage pedestal table)

(Another beautiful planter from the talented Irena Lester)

(In addition to her work at Antheia, Irena can also be found redoing all of my planters, yelling at me to water more often and landscaping urban and residential areas ... you can check out her website here)

(And finally, the newest addition to the Kanibal Home family: Fred the Falcon)


Claire said...

How much are those super-cute metal numbers?

..SOMEDAY I'll get to visit your store! Aaah!

Kanibal Home said...

Hey there Claire - The metal numbers are $24 for the full set!