Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dear Natalie: This Bug's For You

Last Sunday we kicked it up a notch over at Kanibal Home and hosted a butterfly pinning class. For all of you out there that just cringed, please put down your picket signs. All of the bugs used in our pinning classes are harvested humanely and in some cases even support endangered bug species.

That disclaimer out of the way ... we had an amazing time. It was an intimate class and "the students" got Jersey City resident Michelle Johnston's undivided attention. And, let's just say, some of us needed more attention than others (cough, cough ... I took off a chunk of my first butterfly and may have glued antennas onto one of my butterfly's eyeballs ... it was a mistake, I swear!). Natalie (the other student in the class) was an instant butterfly pinning pro.

Here's some eye candy from the class and make sure to email me if you're interested in joining our next bug pinning session:

(These are the boards we used to pin and prep the butterflies.)

(Part of the final product. Yes, you get to pick out and frame all your bugs. Michelle rocks.)

(One of Natalie's final products. Love the paper backing she chose.)

(Michelle's unpinning some butterflies in this pic.)

(Natalie. Hard at work.)

(Bug love.)

(Michelle and Natalie working on fixing some wings.)

(Can you believe this isn't even a butterfly? It's a moth!)

(I gave my pinned moth to my mom as a belated Mother's Day gift. She loved it.)

(Butterfly on vintage book paper. He's hanging in my apt right now.)

(This is my FAVORITE setting from the class. Courtesy of Natalie. She mounted two butterflies on a vintage magazine ad. So creepy cool.)

(The End.)

Thanks again Michelle for sharing your expertise. For $25 we pinned, eat, drank and brought home some beautiful works of art.

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