Friday, May 21, 2010

Battle on the (Jersey City) Block

Are you ready for some Jersey City-style reality TV? I am!

Set your station's next Saturday, May 29th, at 10pm to HGTV to watch your neighbor's (and me) get down with home design. Here's the online teaser:

The living rooms of three historic brownstones are the battle ground for design domination as Battle on the Block takes on Jersey City. With only three days to completely design, demolish and renovate their spaces, three families' creative and construction abilities will be thoroughly tested. Long time residents, the Rivo family, take their design inspiration from Turkey and plan to turn their living room into a more adult friendly space. New homeowners, the Schapiros, have to unexpectedly rethink their contemporary design concept when construction reveals a moldy surprise beneath their walls. The Skinners' cutting edge urban plan to expose the original brick walls, rip up their floor boards and knock through to the adjoining room is delayed by husband Travis's overzealous use of a sledgehammer.

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