Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hunting Season

It's hunting season over at Kanibal Home and that means every week I'll be dragging back some fantastic finds to the store. This week is no exception.

Check out just a sampling of what's popped up in the shop:

(Slouchy -- and super comfy -- racerback tanks.)

(Roll down skirt with zipper and lace detail.)

(Chambray strapless dress. In my opinion, the perfect items for lounging in the park this weekend. Hello, no strap marks.)

(The pink lady chair is back in the shop.)

(Who doesn't need a table made of sticks?)

(Pretty much my favorite find of the week = vintage children's chairs. I'm selling them separately, but I was only able to snatch up three.)

(TONS of vintage dishware, cameras and curiosities.)

(Another vintage trunk, but this one is military and has an amazing wooden drawer inside.)

(We're putting out new dresses and tunics throughout the week ...)

(Second to the chairs, but still extraordinary, is this vintage secretary.)

(Um, yea. It comes with a vintage skeleton key to open the curio cabinet top and lock the desk section. Way too cool for school.)

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