Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WTF of the Week

Rainy Mondays usually inspire me to peruse the inter-webs looking for something to jump start the week. It could be an image on Pinterest or uncovering a new blog or even something silly. Well, today's inspiration is more of a WTF than anything else. But I still love it. I had to watch this promo video a few times to get over the extreme awkwardness of the models, but once I did I came away with this brain nugget: Even extremely successful brands know that it isn't good for business to always be serious. As a wise colleague once told me in public relations, "It's PR, not ER. Lighten up."

Have fun and happy Monday.


me said...


question: a friend (whose wife is deaf) absolutely loved the tote I made at your silkscreening craft night that reads, "all you need is love" in sign language. he wants to know if you can pass on the guest crafter's info. do you know where she can be reached?


Kanibal Home said...

hey there! absolutely. the artist is Jill Fratella. please have him email me directly and i would be happy to pass along her contact info -- kristen (at) kanibalhome (dot) com