Thursday, September 22, 2011

Craft Class Roundup: Lace Jewelry

Last Thursday Kanibal Home hosted the delightfully talented Alison Charli Smith in the shop as she taught a two-part craft class on dip dying lace and jewelry-making. Some ladies got right to work, snipping lace and adding baubles, while others took their time - meticulously dying lace to craft at a later time. Whichever approach was used, everyone left with beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Here's a little photo diary of the happenings:

(Cups of cold water dye)

(We take our crafting very serious over at Kanibal Home)

(Being a hot mess is encouraged.)

(I imagine Ali is giving me a stare that says: Stop annoying my students with your banter. Or possibly: Where's my glass of wine?)

(Tools of the trade.)

(Lace that hasn't get felt the cool touch of colorful dye.)


(Okay, at first glance this is just a super cute photo of Ali mugging it up for the camera. But look closer. The camera didn't focus on her ... however it DID focus on the creepy lady portrait in the dressing room. And she is looking DIRECTLY at the camera.)

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