Monday, September 12, 2011

Before + After: Purple Printed Side Chair

I'm so excited to share this special before + after today. Refurbished furniture is at the heart of Kanibal Home. It's how I started this company, teaching myself to upholster and sweating over damaged wood. So obviously I love a good transformation.

I'll be honest: I like my chairs like I like my men -- strong interior with a quirky exterior. This baby has great bones, but a bit of a busted exterior. Perfect for me, but probably scary to a regular buyer.

(Before. I saw this baby's beauty even though at this stage she was still an ugly duckling.)

(That's not my hairy arm, I promise. I was unloading the chair from my truck when I random dude on the street said, "Let me brush my fingers across that woodwork. Just lovely." I felt slightly violated, but let him cop a feel.)

And a few weeks and a lot of work later ... ta-da!! The after view:

(Oh yes I did. That's two-tone upholstering at its best -- the side panels have a grey menswear inspired fabric, while the front and back are adorned in that lady-like purple pattern.)

So she may have been a beast when I uncovered her, but look at this darling side chair now. She's gotten a makeover. It's like Pretty Woman. This streetwalker is ready to sit pretty in your living room and stun guests. Or something like that. Either way, it sure is a lovely change.


Lauren @ Crafty in the Concrete Jungle said...

This is such a great before-and-after piece! Nice work. You taught yourself how to reupholster? I'm self-taught right now too, but don't think I'd be able to tackle a chair like that. Very impressive - love the fabric!

Eat.Laugh.Love said...