Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Items in the Shop

Sometimes I REALLY get excited about deliveries. So much so that I think UPS and FedEx dread coming into the shop. I rush at them, trying to "help" when in reality all these guys want to do is drop the boxes and get on their way.

Especially today. It was a particularly heavy mix of boxes and as I rounded the corner from behind my desk the delivery guy made eye contact over the cardboard and warned, "Whoa, lady. Let me drop them on the counter. One second and they're all yours."

So after confirming that the boxes were indeed what I was waiting for, I'm THRILLED to announce that Kanibal Home will now be carrying a limited range of decorating, curiosity and craft books!!!

I'm so excited. The teenage nerd in me is doing a completely awkward and embarrassing happy dance.







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