Sunday, June 26, 2011

Crafty Kanibal: Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair

Yesterday I set up (a pop up) shop with Rita and Sam, the talented duo from Rubella Jewelry, at the 3rd annual Not Yo Mama's craft fair in Jersey City. It was a busy morning for me flitting back and forth from the shop to the fair, but completely worth the hustle. I got to hang out with Rubella all day and ogle their glorious goods and yell next door to Laura from Swallow & the Swift who had an equally impressive spread. My wonderful customers and friends breezed in and out of our booth all day and I even scoped out some new vendors and scooped up a few treats for myself (something I rarely do these days because I'm usually just shopping for Kanibal Home).

And just when I thought the day couldn't get any better, Shana from MakeupbySha (who might have a blossoming photography career) sent me over these terrific shots from our booth:

(A few offerings from Rubella)

(Kanibal Home's collection of Curiosity Vials - $10)

(Kanibal Home's shell slice necklaces - $5)

(Kanibal Home's killer bee vial necklaces - $35)

(KH's collection of vintage magazines - $2)

(Chef the dog -- hot, bothered, but happy to be visiting all the booths)

(Whispering sweet nothings into Rita's ear)

(Rubella is bringing back the lucky rabbit's foot)

(A grouping of Rubella's wares)

(Rubella's custom key necklaces)


Rita said...

why didn't we get a pic of our sweet new skull pillows! sigh.

kimvee said...

Hey Kristen! It was nice seeing you at the craft fair and I posted the picture of us from amt's anniversary party on my blog :)

~ kimvee