Thursday, June 23, 2011

Listen: Get Up Kids - Stay Gold, Ponyboy

Does this even need an introduction? The teenage version of me wore this album out. And yes, I'm still a super nerd and listen to this shit.


swallow and the swift said...

oh my god i love you even more right now! this entire album was the anthem of my high school years. i saw them too many times to count and they brought me up on stage and sang happy birthday to me on my birthday. i was wearing a get up kids t-shirt with stars and denim bell bottoms with stars bleached on them. crazy! i even asked them to play at our prom and they wrote me back saying they would love to but they were recording their next album. i'll stop reminiscing and bragging now. <3 tguk <3

Kanibal Home said...

and now i need to kill you from jealousy.