Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Let's show a little love to the lady in all of our lives that ... well ... gave us life?

For you slackers who are too concerned with Cinco de Mayo (margaritas!) to remember, Mother's Day is this weekend. So pop on by the shop and pick up a sweet treat for Mom.

(Mother's Day card with vintage-inspired hankie)

(Press a picture of yourself in this frame and ... bam! Instant present.)

(For the lady who is a master of her domain. Apron available in blue, orange and brown.)

(It's an owl tea cozy that comes with a teapot!)

(Recipe boxes all come with matching aprons tucked inside.)

(It's a cat tea cozy!)

(Floral stationary.)

(It looks like just a really cool box, BUT ...)

(... it's a secret sewing kit!)

(Floral kitchen mitts)

(Treat Mom to something special -- decadent soap.)

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