Friday, May 20, 2011

Around Town: Hester Street Fair

Okay, this isn't really around town, but it's worth getting of Jersey City to visit. Every Saturday the Hester Street Fair will be be hosting a mix of craft and food vendors in the LES. Last Saturday Jade and JP from Mumbot pried me out of the shop for a day of food, fun and festivities. Although Jade is nine months pregnant and ready to pop at any moment she was quite the trooper and -- if I do say so myself -- I think we set up a pretty killer table display.

(As you can see, JP's main contribution to the fair was eating up all his profits.)

(I imagine this dog is thinking, "YUM! Smells like babies.")

And here's a little overview of some of our favorite vendors:

(Simon said that I needed to try his macarons. If I got that offer in a bar I would have smacked him. But hot damn, his blue macarons were delicious!)

(I asked these guys if I could take a picture of their booth and they said, "Sure. Just get our signage." Duly noted.)

(Then I said, "OK, smile!" And this is what I got. Those are some serious hipster death stares.)

(And, funny enough, look who was right behind us! A fellow Jersey City crafter, Lady Lucas herself.)

(This is the demon that ate up all of Mumbot's funds. A DELICIOUS lobster roll from Luke's.)

(Aww, we even got a great blog mention on the KRRB blog)

(This dog lost its shit over JP's koala and military mask.)
(A very pregnant Jade and Ashley Lucas)


mumbot said...

This is the best blogpost everrrrr... love what you wrote, great photos and the captions had me laughing so hard there were tears coming out of my eyes. xoxox

LadyLucas said...

Thanks Kristen for the photos and mention. I love the pregnant Jade pic and the photos of your display... Very awesome!!