Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Redesign: Kanibal Home Website

So I'm pretty psyched about this post for a number of reasons. First off, not that many people realize that Kanibal Home started as an online shop back in 2006. With the help of friends I was able to put together a website with a back end that was probably way bigger than I actually needed. But it was fun and worked and got the job done.

Then I opened the shop in downtown Jersey City in 2009. That whirlwind took over my life and for about a year all of my attention and creativity was funneled into making the brick-and-mortar location the best little lifestyle shop that ever touched down in this great armpit of a state. That accomplished, I really wanted to return to the  brand's roots and redesign the website.

So that brings you up to speed. And now this is where it gets exciting ... the new Kanibal Home website is done!! Okay, there are still a couple things that we're polishing (so keep an eye out for that), but it is completely functional. The website won't have everything that the store does (you'll notice we're only going to be carrying our line of clothing), but it will have home goods and new items will be added every week.

So peruse around, let me know what you think and keep on the look-out for updates, offers and exclusives!

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