Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Wish List

In addition to all the wonderful things available at Kanibal Home (shameless plug), I was just thinking today that I needed to start to pull together a "wish list" blog post. When -- lo and behold -- I was reading my friend's blog (YAY! DIY) and ran across the perfect holiday gift ... for me, from you.

(Amazingness via Williams-Sonoma)
 Yes, I know, you're as blown away as I am. And yes that is a mini tabletop pie maker. I don't even know if I've been good enough all year to receive something this amazing.

This is every fat kid or culinary-inclined pot smoker's dream. It's like the Easy Bake oven for adults!

I guess I've already been bitten by the holidays because I need one of these bad boys. Now.

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