Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Window: Wild Wild Wilderness

(And it starts with a blank window.)

New month means that it's time for a new window display. Now you might be thinking that I'm about to pull a corporate move on you and vomit holiday cheer and consumerism into the window ... but I'm still digesting Halloween and not really feeling that quite yet. So you get one more month of non-holiday window gawking.

So what's the November window? Oh I guess it's my take on harvest. Or the wilderness. Here's a look at the process behind the Kanibal Home November window design:

STEP 1. Start with a clean slate (see the above image)
STEP 2. Insert in the key elements (see the object in the bottom right corner)

(Yup, that was a duck) 

STEP 3. Hang anything on the walls that needs to go up ...

(All the bugs and butterflies are framed and put together by Jersey City-based artist Michelle Johnston. And yes, they're all for sale.)

(Tosena splendida AKA a super awesome cicada)

(A portion of the proceeds from this butterfly goes to Fount of Mercy.)

(It's a male and female monarch mounted on french paper ... perfect as a wedding or shower present.)


STEP 4: Cut, texture and craft a tree out of cardboard ...

STEP 5: Assemble!!

(Backside view)

(Leaf garland that took a day to make)

And it's done! Here are a few more shots (outside looking in):

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