Monday, April 26, 2010

Hmm, Not My First Choice ...

Taxidermy is all the rage. Yea, yea I get it. But ... is this really necessary?

Carlee Fernandez has come out with a line of what can only be described as taxidermy suitcases and fanny packs. At the every least, it would be a great ice breaker at board meetings. At the worse, it could result in an unfortunate accident if you were backpacking through a jungle or out on a hunting retreat.

And ... I threw the image of the goat/basket in just for fun. Seriously, how scary would that be in an entry way?

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mumbot said...

In one way, as a consumer... I'm in shock, as an artist - I'm like well it's kind of interesting, as a vegan - I'm COMPLETELY HORRIFIED!!!! Totally unnecessary!! Can you not just make them look like real animals but be plush?? Yuck!!! I have to show you this picture of a taxidermy FROG necklace me and Everest saw this young man wearing as a necklace.