Friday, December 4, 2009

Kanibal Home <3 's Jersey City

After MANY months of work, I'm happy to announce that the new canvas bags have gone to the printer and should be in the shop within the week!

A lot of you probably remember our first round of limited-edition bags we gave out during the shop's launch in May. They were a big hit, so we wanted to thank all our loyal customers with a brand new bag. It's hard for businesses these days and, six months later, we're still here in downtown Jersey City. This is my home and the home of all the people that have made the shop a success. Sooooo ...

A big thanks to all the local artists and musicians that perform or display their goods in the shop, especially Brian Morrison, Jade Kuei / Mumbot, Laura from Swallow and the Swift, Kim and Patrick from Oh My Vintage, Ashley Lucas, James and Shauna from Finch, Amelia from Con Vivo Jersey City and all our (new and old) friends and family.

Enjoy the new tote:

Get it? Kanibal Home hearts Jersey City.

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