Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $20

For those of you still searching for that perfect under $20 gift, I've compiled some great items to add some spice to the holiday season.

(Little Birdie Tea Towels = $12.50 each. Pair one with the below vintage glasses and you've got a great gift for someone who enjoys a nice cocktail or likes to cook.)

(Vintage glassware: $4.50 each. Perfect as a set or paired with something else.)

(You don't give a hoot? Well then, this is perfect. Whether this Hand painted owl is used as a picture to hang on the wall or an ornament to hang on the tree, you're sure to get a positive response from the bird lovers on your list. Hand painted owl = $18.50.)

(Punk Bangle Set = $20. Wear them together or separately. Bonus is that there are multiple items for the price of one gift.)

(Initially Yours Mug = $16.50. Pair with some great tea or coffee or gift just as it is. Comes packaged in its own box. We have several letters currently in stock. This also makes a great couple gift -- give them each their own initial mug!)

(Hand-carved bird = $18.50. This little bird is a one-of-a-kind art piece from Finch, a Jersey City-based artist. A local artist who hand carves and hand paints each of these precious birds. Nestle them in the Christmas tree, on a wreath or tuck them into a plant.)

(Still stumped? Well, who doesn't love a recycled journal and/or colored pencils? Recycled journal = $12.50 and Colored Pencils = $9.50.)

(Small Apothecary Jar = $14. Fill it with candy or present it with one large flower tucked inside as a bud vase.)

(Have something already, but looking to add one small item to the mix? Here you go: Festive Gold Toned Earrings = $10.50.)


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