Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meat Products with Faces = Fun

You may remember the Hot Dog High Five tee we had in the shop for kids ... well, we got it in for adults too. However, there are only a limited amount, so if you want one you can 1) call and put a size on hold, 2) come in and snatch one up, or 3) shoot me an email.

That said, we also got a bunch of new tops in the shop. Ch-ch check it out below:

(Adult Hot Dog High Five tee)

(Two for one! This cute grey sweater has a white shirt built in. Perfect for those people who have problems with layering ... or those who just want an easy option.)

(Ok, this is a no brainer. Great color, great fit, perfect for work or a casual night out and super soft. I would wear this under a boring blazer for a bit of pop.)

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