Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"It's like Saigon" **

Sometimes you need a loyal customer to say something to keep you on track. So, I quote, "What's up with the CB2 post? I don't care about them. I want to know what's new in the shop. Get back to the point of the blog."

Thank you Allison.

And, on that note, a new item will be added to the shop every day this week so stop by and see what we've got in stock. In the meantime, here's a few favorites:

(Kid "Player" hat)

(New vintage jewelry and silver flower rings from Thailand)

(Jewelry detail)

(The knit dress is nice, but the vintage lamp in the left corner is pretty rad too)

(Oh hello. Would this not be the best dress paired with purple tights?)

(I'm always told the shop feels very "homey", but now with this vintage kitchen set it really is pretty inviting. Come by, sit down and relax. By the way, the whole set is $60 including the two chairs. Yea, you read that right.)

** Note: This blog post title is also dedicated to Allison. On an unrelated note, if anyone knows where she can find denim leggings post a comment here. She's on the hunt.

1 comment:

**Allison** said...

I am honored to get props from my favorite local store owner :)

I hear the denim leggings are at American Apparel...hmmm...

I am obsessing over your tshirts! Don't be surprised if I come in tomorrow to purchase one before my trip :)

Much love to Kanibal Home